Promoting a positive, caring outlook, for the one life we have


Promoting a positive, caring outlook, for the one life we have

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This year our charity is Faith to Faithless, who have developed a support programme for so-called ‘apostates’ and those who leave high-control religions e.g. ex-Muslims, ex-Mormons, ex-Plymouth Brethren, ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses, and various others who have suffered after leaving their religion behind. You can donate using PayPal using the button below let us know if we can collect gift aid on your donation using the text box. If you would prefer please contact us for details on other ways to make donations to this group on our behalf.


Isaac Newton School Uganda

Members of North East Humanists have been contributing to the Isaac Newton School for over 10 years. It was one of the first humanist schools in Uganda and, helped by contributions from around the world, it continues to thrive. It is a beacon for high education and welfare standards in its District, where it is the 5th best performing school out of 35. Its visionary and energetic Director, Peter Kisirinya, and the school’s hardworking and talented staff are determined to make it even better. Recent site additions, including a fine new teaching block with 3 additional classrooms and a well-equipped science lab and a second boys’ hostel nearing completion, make the school well-equipped for teaching 600 students, with two classes (North and South) in each O-level year. The school has a thriving Humanist Student Association, which works to improve life in the local villages and promotes First Aid skills with help from the Red Cross.

For more details of what your contributions to this cause mean, see the following profiles:

Profile #1 — Ronald Kigula

Profile #2 — Jordan Bongole

Profile #3 — Elvin Muhindo

Profile #4 — The Ian Gurney Science Laboratory

Without your donations, stories like this would not be possible. If you would like to help make a difference to the lives of the children at the Isaac Newton School, you can make a donation by visiting our Golden Giving webpage dedicated to this charity or by contacting us to make other arrangements.

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