Promoting a positive, caring outlook, for the one life we have

Who we are

North East Humanists is a charity which has the following  objectives:

  •  The advancement of Humanism, a non-religious ethical life-stance;
  • The advancement of public knowledge about humanist values and beliefs;
  • Promoting good fellowship and mutual care amongst humanists locally, regionally, nationally and  internationally, fostering social interaction amongst them, and promoting social, intellectual and  cultural ties between humanists and society at large;
  • Promoting charitable purposes, in particular, but not exclusively, charitable causes having values compatible with Humanism.

The Tyneside Group of the North East Humanists was founded in 1957, but organised secularism in the North East had been active from the 1860s. Together with the Teesside Group we adopted the name North East Humanists in 1997. Charitable status was achieved in February 2006.

Humanists are concerned with values and moral issues from a non-religious viewpoint and with the achievement of a more open, just and caring society.

We express our concern for others by supporting a local charity each year. Currently that charity is Crisis Skylight. We also support the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust by providing bursaries to enable disadvantaged pupils to go to secondary school.

Through affiliation with Humanists UK, the National Secular Society (NSS), the European Humanist Federation (EHF) and the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), we have representation of Humanist interests with the UK Government, the European Union and the United Nations.