Promoting a positive, caring outlook, for the one life we have

What we think

Humanist Beliefs and Values

1.  We only live once
Humanists have a positive, realistic attitude towards life. Our life here is the only one we will ever have: it is up to us to give it purpose and to make it the best that we can.

2.  The universe has evolved over eons, without a creator or plan
Humanists believe that human beings are part of an evolutionary process that began billions of years ago, and that there is no god or gods behind this process.
3.  The welfare of people and the planet is our moral responsibility
Humanists have concern for the well-being of all of humankind and for the health of our worldwide ecological environment. Humanists support every opportunity to cooperate with others to face the problems of the world.
4.   Right behaviour is based on reason, respect and reciprocity
Morality is developed from reason and knowledge. It is not derived from a supernatural source but is the product of our experience as evolved social animals. Humanists take responsibility for their own conduct and believe that the underlying principle governing morality is that we should treat other people as we would wish to be treated.
5.   Democratic values take precedence over ideologies
Humanists are committed to a secular society. Whilst generally respecting the right of others to have different beliefs, Humanists challenge those beliefs and ideas which threaten the freedom of the individual.
6.   Conflicts of interest require negotiated resolution
Disputes at all levels from the personal to the international should be resolved through reasoned argument and negotiation, rather than through the use of power.
7.   Artistic creativity and physical expression are key characteristics of humanity
Humanists recognise that the arts, and the development and exercise of physical skills, meet the innate need in human beings for creativity and self-expression.