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Speakers for Schools etc

Slide from a school presentation.
Slide from a school presentation.

In local authority schools in England the religious education syllabus is different in detail for each local authority. It is written by the local authority’s Standing Conference on Religious Education (SACRE) following guidance received from the Religious Education Council of England and Wales. This is known as the “Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education”. It is the policy of NEH to have Humanist representatives on as many SACREs as possible.

Most of the current local syllabuses currently require pupils to have some knowledge of Humanism.

North East Humanists will provide speakers to visit schools, colleges and adult groups in order to explain Humanist beliefs. If you wish to have a speaker contact Mike Turner on 0191 2728376 or

NEH is too small an organisation to mount national campaigns on its own. It has therefore decided to support the BHA in its campaign against Faith Schools by donating £1000 to assist with the campaign. Faith schools are schools which are funded by the taxpayer but are allowed to use religious belief as a criterion for admission. Most faith schools are either Church of England or Roman Catholic. However, there are now a small number of Islamic schools.

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