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Request for volunteers to collect for our charity of the year: Equal Arts, in Newcastle and in Sunderland


This year our annual collection at Newcastle Central Station will be on the13th to the 16th of December. As always the more volunteers we have the more money we will raise.

We do especially well during the morning and evening commute if these are times that you can make. It is always a convivial atmosphere in the run up to Christmas and
people will often want to talk about the charity and about Humanism. If you can spare an hour or so it does help, those trickles of coins as people come of the trains add up to substantial amounts and we are able to add gift aid to the money which makes it even more beneficial.

This year we have been especially lucky to be drawn in the lottery of charities that can collect outside the Stadium Of Light before the Sunderland vs Shrewsbury game which kicks off on the 29th of December at 3pm. We need as many people as we can get for one to two hours before the kick off to have people by all of the turnstiles. This a wonderful opportunity to give our charity of the year a really big boost.

If you can help please get in touch with Susan Walker either by phone 01913841432 or by email