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Isaac Newton School — Profile #4

This is the Ian Gurney Science Laboratory named in honour of a North East Humanist member.

Donations from NEH’s members are now channelled through the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust. Steve Hurd and several others from the Trust visited INS in July 2019. The following is an extract from his report:

“The transformation in the school site since our visit in July last year was remarkable. The first thing you see on entering the school is a new teaching block. It has three substantial classrooms and a fine A-level science laboratory, named in honour of Ian Gurney, a former prominent member of North East Humanists, in whose name a donation was made. The classrooms are well finished, painted green and white throughout, with the happy Humanist emblem proudly emblazoned on the ceilings, which create a roof space that deadens the sound during heavy rains. Windows are glazed to prevent rain washing into the classrooms. Each classroom is furnished with well-made desks and chairs and has a storeroom for books and other scholastic materials. The laboratory has benches for experiments and stools and a good-sized prep room, to store equipment and chemicals. There must be very few rural schools in Uganda that can match these new classroom facilities, and it is clear, from
the beam in their eyes, that the students appreciate that.”

Without your donations, facilities like this would not be possible. If you would like to help make a difference like this to the lives of the children at the Isaac Newton School, you can make a donation by visiting the Donate page for Uganda Humanist Schools Trust.

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