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Isaac Newton School — Profile #3

This is Elvin Muhindo who is sponsored by North East Humanists.

Elvin is 15 years old and comes from Kamaiba, in the District of Kasese in the West of Uganda. He attended Kasese Primary school and obtained a grade one in his Primary leaving exam. His local language is Lukonjo. He lives with his parents, four brothers, and two sisters. The family sell charcoal and grow tomatoes to make a living. When Elvin is at home he helps by fetching water, sweeping the compound, and cooking food. His favourite subject is maths and he enjoys playing football. He would like to become a doctor. He is very proud to have reached secondary school and is very appreciative of the school library, the computers, and the good teachers.

Without your donations, Elvin would not be receiving an education. If you would like to help make a difference to other children like this, you can make a donation by visiting the Donate page for Uganda Humanist Schools Trust.

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