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Appeal for the Isaac Newton School in Uganda

Phasing in Universal Primary Education in Uganda in 2000 created a huge follow-on demand for secondary schooling, which the government has only partially been able to meet. The residual need is being addressed by private bodies, including religious foundations. For many years, NEH members have supported the Isaac Newton High School in Uganda. In order to streamline the administrative burden on the school we recently decided to funnel our donations via the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust.

The Uganda Humanist Schools Trust was established in November 2008 as a charity to raise funds to support the efforts of Ugandan Humanists, who have founded schools which offer students the alternative of liberal secular/humanist education. It also regularly visits the schools to ensure that donations are being used effectively, and the latest reports on the schools can be seen on their website:

All schools teach the Uganda national curriculum and prepare students for public examinations. At the same time, they aim to develop self-confident students who care for each other and for their local communities. The schools encourage students to be openminded and questioning. They are taught to respect evidence and to appreciate the need for shared human values. In order to foster a spirit of understanding, students are introduced to both religious, as required by the national curriculum, and secular humanist life stances.

The Isaac Newton School is in a deprived rural area. Large numbers of children have only a single or, in some cases, no surviving parent. Scholarships enable places to be offered to children who have completed primary schooling but whose family does not have the means to pay for secondary education.

Full scholarships at the school are £300 which covers the entire costs of a year at the school, including tuition fees, boarding, food, uniform, exam entry fees and stationery.

You can help by making a donation by visiting the Donate page for Uganda Humanist Schools Trust.

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